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My family has been cared for by Manila Sanitarium for five generations now. Starting with my lola, then my mother, then me, then my children, then my grandchildren. Thank you for caring for me and my family. The Manila Sanitarium has been a big part of my life. This is my second home. My family and I feel at home here.

That many years ago, it was stomach became so big...and when they opened up my stomach, what did they see? My intestines are all in a mess and all tangled up. There was too much pus and blood inside my stomach.

My case seemed hopeless in human terms.

I admire and salute the doctors who labored for 10 hours in the operating room to save me and bring back life to my ailing body. That's why I owe my life to God and also to the doctors, nurses and staff of the Manila Sanitarium who made me well again.

The good hands of the caring doctors and staff of Manila Sanitarium, guided to be the good hands of God in healing.

So that is my personal true story. But I tell you, I have been in this hospital six times of the same kind of condition...the near death scenarios; where all hope is gone. Then God would come along to do what human beings could not. I know God has always been there for me every time I call. He would answer my prayers. And the prayers of all the chaplains who regularly come to pray over me, not a single day passed with their coming to pray over me. And also the doctors who constantly include prayers in their practice is what made Manila Sanitarium a diiferent hospital.

That's still not the end of my ordeal.

Because some time ago, when I was on the family way, I had eclampsia… I gave birth the baby was brought to me and I did not have to stand. When I summoned the strength to stand and finally saw my baby, I was shocked. I knew he was a premature baby, but I did not expect that he would be a tiny 2.14 pounds. So tiny that my other son asked me why did he have a brother that is like a kitten. I reassured my elder son that it

would be alright and his brother would grow up to be big enough for him to play with.

And that’s not all. The doctor told me that the baby’s heart has a hole and is still open; and his lungs are deflated. The new medicine came and a week later, after much praying, the good doctor told us: Praise the Lord, the hole in the heart of your baby has been healed and your baby son, who we named Dominic, would be well. After much prayers, the lungs were also healed by the grace and healing of God and the good care of the doctors and nurses of Manila Sanitarium.

Indeed my Mom has reason to believe all through the Manila Sanitarium is the only hospital she would entrust her family to.

And I too, have only the same words to say...indeed, my life story can attest to it...there is no other hospital for my family but AMCM.

Thank you to all who on one way or the other have been a part of my life.

Thank you God. Thank you AMCM. Thank you all.

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