Newborn Screening


Newborn Screening (NBS) is a simple procedure to find out if your baby has a congenital metabolic disorder that may lead to mental retardation or even death if left untreated.


Most babies with metabolic disorders look "normal" at birth. By doing NBS, metabolic disorders may be detected even before clinical signs and symptoms are present. And as a result of this, treatment can be given early to prevent consequences of untreated conditions.


Newborn screening is ideally done immediately after 24 hours from birth.


A few drops of blood are taken from the baby's heel, blotted on a special absorbent filter card.


The blood sample for NBS will be collected by our highly skilled Medical Technologist.


Results can be claimed from the Medical Records. Normal NBS Results are available a month from the time samples are received.

A negative screen means that the NBS result is normal.

A positive results are relayed to the parents immediately by the laboratory personnel. Please ensure that the address and phone number you will provide to the health facility are correct. The baby must be brought back to the Physician for further testing.

Laboratory test are essential element of diagnosis, treatment planning and monitoring for every disease.


Contact Information

Phone: (632) 8525-9192 local 730 

Clinical Pathology
Elia P. Cabrerra, MD
Chair, Clinical Pathology
Phone: 8525-9192 local 730

Anatomical Pathology
Neila D. Cejudo, MD, FPSP
Chair, Anatomic Pathology
Phone: 8525-9192 local 730

Roengent Dan D. Concepcion, RN, RMT, MBA
Chief Medical Technologist
Phone: 8525-9192 local 681


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