Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is interfaith professional education for ministry. It brings students into supervised encounter with people in crisis. Out of an intense involvement with persons in need, and the feedback from peers and teachers, students develop new awareness of themselves as persons and of the needs of those to whom they servce and minister. Through reflection on specific human situations, students learn to utilize their faith tradition as an insight that inform them of their understanding and practice of spiritual care. Within the interdisciplinary team process of helping persons, they develop skills in interpersonal and interprofessional relationships.


The CPE process would serve as a distinct model of life-changing education in processing conduct, behaviors, life styles, minsets, and forms of living. CPE would help students to be responsible in cultivating their personal growth areas, compassion, and pastoral identity to yield a more dynamic life and ministry. The CPE process would focus on the areas of personal, social, professional, relational, family, social and pastoral issues through the "action/reflection*" method of learnin and ministry. CPE would focus to help students become personally aware of themselves as ministers and the ways their ministry and lives would affect other persons, aware of how their attitudes, values, assumptions, strengths, and growth areas affect their pastoral care ministry, and able to accept, engage, and utilize the support, confrontation, and clarification of the peer group for the integration of personal attributes and pastoral functioning in ministry.


Our CPE program is designed to help students gain experience and learning in:

  • Pastoral Reflection - Students would reflect on selves as persons and spiritual caregiver in relation to people in crisis, their supervisor, peers, and the hospital wherein they are serving
  • Pastoral Formation - Students would focus on personal and pastoral identity issues in learning ministry
  • Pastoral Competence - Students would deepen their function as spiritual caregiver, including skill development and knowledge of faith traditions and models of behavioral sciences. Students would learn in developing their capacity to utilize their pastoral and prophetic perspective in a variety of functions such as preaching, teaching, leadership, management, pastoral care, and pastoral counseling, being attentive to self and sensitive to the feelings of persons while providing support and empathy in an emotionally-charged situations
  • Pastoral Specialization - Becoming competent and knowledgeable in a particular area of clinical health care service and ministry


CPE is open to persons regardless of race, nationality, culture, gender, traditions, faith background, and socio-economic status. The program is open to:

  • An individual who, through a written application and an admission interview, has demonstrated the ability to express verbal and written communication.
  • An individual who completed a degree in ministry, religion, social work, counseling, or theology.
  • An individual qualified as "lay professional" through church ordination and has demonstrated the ability to participate in CPE.


CPE is offered four times a year. Our center is accredited to offer four units of CPE in a year. The process is designed to integrate personal, interpersonal and professional learning in ministry.

January - March June - September
March - June September - December

I. Quarter Unit

A full-time, eleven weeks of intensive supervised training totaling at least 300 hours. An intense group and learning experience with patients, families, staff and group.

II. Extended Unit (To be offered)

A part-time twenty two-week CPE program of 20 hours weekly plus on-call assignments. Seminars are held one (1) day per week. The program runs June through December. This program is designed for clergy and lay persons who have full-time ministry positions and those qualified professionals who need to integrate this training with other life experiences.


The CPE program of AdventistMed is accredited by the Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Southern Asia-Pacific Division of the General Conference.


The pastoral staff of AdventistMed has specialized training in the field of CPE and ministry. The staff members, who attend to the emotional and spiritual needs of patients, families, and staff of the hospital, are ordained ministers and Bible workers. They attend to patients of all kinds of faith background and orientations. Services offered upon requests are: prayer, Bible study, counseling, anointing, blessing, baptismal rite, child dedication, funeral service, and wedding ceremony. A chaplain is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Requests can be made through the chaplaincy and medical staff or by calling (02) 8525-9192, ext. 213.

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