Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities

As our patient at AMC Manila, you have the

  1. Right to good quality health care and human treatment.
  2. Right to dignity.
  3. Right to be informed of your right and obligations as a patient.
  4. Right to choose your physician.
  5. Right to informed consent.
  6. Right to refuse diagnostic and medical treatment.
  7. Right to refuse participation in medical research.
  8. Right to religious belief and assistance.
  9. Right to privacy and confidentiality.
  10. Right to disclosure of, and access to information.
  11. Right to correspondence and to receive visitors.
  12. Right to medical records.
  13. Right to health education.
  14. Right to express grievances.

As our patient at AMC Manila, you have to

  1. Know your rights.
  2. Provide adequate, accurate and complete information about your health.
  3. Inform authorized personnel immediately when you notice any changes in your conditions or disease.
  4. Understand the reasons behind the treatment being performed and the necessary expenses requires of them.
  5. To accept the results/effects of treatment performed for the reason that all have been explained to you since the start.
  6. Fulfill your financial obligations of paying for all services and care rendered by both the hospital and your doctors.
  7. Be considerate and respectful of the rights of other patients and hospital personnel.
  8. Perform your obligations to yourself.
  9. Participate and cooperate in all your obligations for the improvement of your health.
  10. Always respect this health facility and all personnel involved in its mission.
  11. Remain true to all discussions/conversation that you were a part of.
  12. Do not force any physician to care and attend to you.
  13. Respect and understand the rationale behind the physician’s treatment options even though they go against your faith.
  14. That all your health records are true and were not changed in any way, whether they were given or taken from AMCM.
  15. To cooperate with physicians in their training for expert treatment/care of children.
  16. To inform to proper authorities of this hospital of all violations as perceived by you.

Contact Information

Phone: (632) 8525-9192 local 147
Fax: (632) 536-3678/ 524-3256

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