AdventistMed Packages


  Regular Package Rate Less Philhealth
NSD Local      ₱56,240.00   ₱48,290.00
CS Spinal ₱116,613.00 ₱94,663.00
Inpatient Completion Curettage ₱54,640.00 ₱43,640.00
Outpatient Completion Curettage ₱51,450.00 ₱40,450.00
Inpatient Diagnostic D&C ₱54,684.00 ₱43,685.00
Outpatient Diagnostic D&C ₱52,300.00 ₱41,300.00


  • OB Packages are for patients for NSD, CS, Completion Curettage and Diagnostic D&C deemed uncomplicated by their Attending OB.
  • Walk-in patients meaning no previous checkup and attending OB at AdventistMed are not eligible to avail of the package.
  • Patients must be vaccinated for Covid-19 (1st & 2nd dose with at least 1 booster) and asymptomatic.
  • For the Diagnostic D&C package, patients must be less than 40 years old. No Cardio-Pulmonary Clearance required.
  • The package includes:
      Ward room accommodation only
      2 days admission for NSD
      3 days admission for CS Spinal
      1 day admission for Completion Curettage and Diagnostic D&C
      Use of labor room, nursery, supplies and professional fees
  • Additional hospital stays outside the package period will be charged with regular hospital rates.
  • Additional expenses not included in the package but deemed necessary by Attending Physician will be treated as add--on costs. It is the duty of the Attending Physician to explain to the patient the reasons for additional costs.
  • There should be no substitution of brands of medicines and supplies which are included in the package. Any substitution will be charged accordingly.
  • Supplies not used during admission will remain in the nurse station for monthly inventory.
  • Laboratory and diagnostic tests not included in the package should be done pre- admission. RT PCR tests are also not included in the package for unvaccinated and symptomatic patients.
  • If a complication occurs, the package will be suspended, and regular rates will apply.
  • A patient under NSD package is qualified to avail of CS package after a valid indication for CS is determined by the Attending Physician and the mother and baby turned out to be both uncomplicated upon discharge. This will be converted to a CS package, and the additional professional fee of ₱5,000 and supply charges will apply.
  • Patients who will avail of the package are required to pay 50% of the package upon admission.
  • The packages are not valid in conjunction with other promotions or discounts and cannot be availed using HMO benefits.
  • The packages do not include take home medicines.
  • Take Care, I Care is applicable to patients who are residents of Pasay City.

Effective November 1, 2022 to April 30, 2023
To find out more, call us at (02) 8525-9191 to 98 local 237 / 227
The prices may change without prior notice.


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