Medical Residency and Internship Program Requirements

  • to the Residency Program
    1. Application letter addressed an submit to Director of Medical Education Dr. Lim Varona with PhP 1,000 fee.
    2. Recommendations from any of the following:
      1. Dean of College of Medicine.
      2. Director of Medical Education when she/he had Post Graduate Internship.
      3. Any 2 negotiable medical physicians.
    3. Transcript of Records/Certification of Internship
    4. Board Rating
    5. Diploma/PRC ID
    6. Class Standing
    7. Chest standing
    8. Chest X-ray report
    9. Hepatitis B Ag test or Record of Vaccination
    10. 2 passport size pictures
    11. Marriage contract, if married
    12. Residence Certificate/PTR/S2
  • to the Internship Program
    1. Letter of Intent addressed to Director of Medical Education Dr. Lim Varona.
    2. Transcript of Records
    3. Certificate of Graduation signed by the Dean
    4. Chest X-ray
    5. Hepatitis B Ag test
    6. APMC certificate (pink form)
    7. CLass Ranking
    8. Birth Certificate
2013-2014 Best Medical Interns awarded by Department of OB-GYNE


Contact Information

Phone: (632) 8525-9192 local 111/112
Fax: (632) 536-3678/ 524-3256
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