Medical Internship and Residency

The primary objective of the residency training program at AdventistMed is to train specialists who can fill the need of the SDA hospitals in the Philippines and abroad and other health-care institutions.


The intern and resident of the Adventist Medical Center Manila shall consist of a chief resident, residents and interns. The chief residents are selected by the Dept. & approved by the Ad Con after thorough evaluation by the DME. The PGI’s are selected by the DME after a thorough interview by the different Dept. Chairman and T.O.

The intern and resident will report to the Director of Medical Education (DME) for all their activities, professional and administrative. The latter will report to the Vice-President for Medical Affairs (VPMA) and the President.

The DME shall assign the chief resident to supervise the interns and the residents. He shall report to the DME matters pertaining to negligence of duty, absences, inefficiency, insubordination, improper conduct, and unprofessional behavior unbecoming of interns and residents. The categories of residents are:

  1. Over-all Chief Resident - a senior resident who is in charge of all the residents.
  2. Senior/Chief resident – a resident in his last year of training and is appointed by the department.
  3. Resident – a resident prior to his last year of training and may be described as first year, second year, third year, fourth, or fifth year resident


All residents shall be graduates of an approved medical school and licensed to practice in the Philippines and the interns shall be graduates of an approved medical school and designated by the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges to undergo a rotating internship as a prerequisite to licensure. These residents and interns should satisfy the criteria of the hospital for admission to the training program.

2013-2014 Best Medical Interns awarded by Department of OB-GYNE


Contact Information

Phone: (632) 8525-9192 local 111/112
Fax: (632) 536-3678/ 524-3256
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